Focus on death

I’m guessing many of you do not even want to begin to read this post. The thought of our own death is typically not a happy one.


But I have spoken to several Monks who actually tell me that death is the main focus of their daily meditation practice.
At first, I thought how disturbing this must be; not peaceful at all. But then I realized, if we realize that all things are impermanent, how can we not accept our own impermanence. Not being mindful of our own death only causes us suffering.
The other day, Bhante Sujatha was saying that Buddha taught life and death are present in each moment. I see this is absolutely true.
All things are present in this moment. If we lack this awareness, we are being ignorant of the truth. This is one of the three poisons.
Personally, I would prefer to eliminate poisons. Poisons in my thoughts, words and actions.
So giving my attention to death is actually a positive action. It allows me to see and accept this as it is, and be free of this suffering. Sticking my head in the sand does not make this truth go away.
I will not be able to stop my own death, and it may come at any moment. And as Bhante Samita always says “Don’t be late”. To me this means awake, aware, mindful and joyful in each and every moment.
If we are not, our death may come and we will not be ready. We will be late.

So please give this some thought, and smile to yourself. You are alive and fully present in this moment.
Do not cling to this moment, or you will miss the next one!

Even death is not to be feared by one who has lived wisely.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.