Every moment is new

Every moment
In Buddhism, Jāti (the Sanskrit and Pāli word for “birth”) refers to the arising of a new living entity in saṃsara.
This got me to thinking about how each and every moment is truly new. Nothing is old. Ever!
With a clear mind, I think we can be completely open to this and gain awareness to so much.
Think about it, we are truly re-born every moment! Not one molecule in your body is the same, we are constantly changing.
So if you realize you are changing every moment, can you see that each moment is a new birth and a new beginning for each of us?
How wonderful, isn’t it!
Think of how we celebrate the birth of a child, and how we celebrate Birthdays the rest of our lives. This moment is just as great a reason to celebrate. We only need to see this. This is the beauty of impermanence.

I think that once we recognize this as truth and reality, we can change how we react to every situation and emotion that arises in our lives.
If you are angry, sad, worried or confused, the next moment is brand new. You are brand new!
No need to cling to that thought or feeling, it’s gone already. Smile, it’s your Birthday!

To accomplish this, we only need to train ourselves to be mindful and present. Observe your body and your mind, and accept the wonderful changes that are happening. From one moment to the next it is different. And without attaching to these, there is no good or bad. There is simply the moment, the Jāti.

Oops, there, it just happened again! :)

May you be well, happy and peaceful.