Don’t let go

When we care about something, anything, I think that we all try to hold on to it. Whether it is a loved one, a prized possession, or even an image of a beautiful sunset. I think this is the reason most of us enjoy photographs, because they capture something that resonates with us, and we want to keep it forever. But we all know nothing is forever.

This attachment to things, feelings and thoughts is the root of our suffering and dissatisfaction. With the ultimate attachment and clinging being to this life, this existence. We enjoy it, and we want it to last forever.
So how come we suffer in this life, when in reality we want to hold on to it as long as possible?
No matter what difficulties we are facing in this moment, if we were faced with our own death we would likely cling to this life with every ounce of our being. Quite the oxymoron isn’t it!

Perhaps the answer to this conundrum is as plain as the nose on our faces.
Don’t let go, but also don’t hang on. No aversion and no clinging, just acceptance. We are where we are, we have what we have, and we are not actually any of our thoughts or possessions.

As I sat in meditation this morning, I was very aware of the noises around me. Winds howling outside, the TV going, my Daughter walking in and out of the house to go play in the snow. At first, my thought was that I needed more quiet for a good meditation. But almost instantly I realized that this was not reality. There is no quiet.
Trying to block out or eliminate noises and distractions in meditation is the same as trying to do that when I am off the cushion. This life is constantly moving and changing. There are thoughts, noises and distractions that we are constantly bombarded with. But meditation teaches us another path. One of acceptance and mindfulness. Compassionately, we can all witness this life without creating mental formations of aversion or attachment. Laugh when it’s funny, cry when it’s sad, it’s all good.

I hope I made a little sense, and that it may help you to see that letting go can be as unwise as holding on.
And may you always be well, happy and peaceful.