Death becomes us


The fact is, that we become death

I think that human remains would probably make wonderful fertilizer!
Now before you run away dear friend, please read on. I assure you, there is some “well, happy and peaceful” to be found here.

As a young boy, my Dad taught me that using fish remains in the garden was the best way to get our vegetables and roses to grow strong and healthy. And while I’m not sure of the science behind this, I did see that it seemed to work. And if a fish carcass can offer so much nutrition and life to a plant, just think what a human body could offer!
Gross and disgusting you say? But why would it not be a great idea to offer enrichment and nourishment to new life upon our death? Is there some other benefit to our decaying flesh and bones once we have died?

None of this is to say that we should all be buried in the back yard upon our demise, but only food for thought regarding our impermanence (anicca) and alimental value. Meaning that once we have gone, this physical body certainly serves no purpose. Yet while we are alive, we put such great value on it with a powerful attachment. This body is all the we see and feel, and all that we can label as the self. Ergo, no body, no self. Perhaps this is why it can be so difficult for most of us to grasp the teaching of no-self (anatta). But obviously there is coalescence that occurs upon death. Death feeds life and life feeds death. There cannot be one without the other.

So how is this happy talk and offer you peace? Because it is proof that we are far more than the sum of our parts. We are not just the face that we see in the mirror, and we all know that face changes each moment of every day. And there is no need to fear death, because the more clearly we understand, the less we cling to something which cannot be held on to. We are all truly born to die, and in understanding that we can come to live joyfully in every moment. Perhaps learning to waste less energy on what happened in the past or what may come in the future. Neither of which are real or relevant. Both are perceptions, stories and illusions.
All of which create fires in your mind that can only become more and more difficult to extinguish if allowed to ferment.

The bottom line is that we contain a great deal of nutritional value to this World both now and after we are gone. Be mindful, skillful, compassionate, loving and kind. These are the qualities which cultivate wholesomeness and goodwill. The fruits of which will bear themselves today, right now in this present moment.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.