Check your ego at the door

Reading the headlines yesterday, and seeing the stalemate going on in government, got me thinking again about ego.
If these politicians had no ego, I am sure we would have a very cooperative government. And we would all be better off because of it.
But isn’t this equally true of you and I?
I started to wonder if I could make it through one entire day with no ego. The saying “let it begin with me” once again rang in my head.
I do try to have no ego, and let go of the self or self-centeredness (egocentrism) that often pierces my consciousness. But I have in no way done this for a complete day.
Being mindful of this is a tremendous challenge. And it’s so easy to blame others for our selfish behavior.
The moment someone else goes against my logic or reason, I easily get upset that they don’t agree or see my way.
Then “BAM”, ego takes over and it’s all about me!
I think that part of the reason for this is our self-preservation mechanism. This may even be part of our DNA.
If we don’t stick up for ourselves, fight for what we believe in, we will get walked on right?
Well I am not so sure.
I have experienced many instances where I checked my ego, and experienced surprising results. My selflessness actually bore fruits of love and compassion.
Once another person sees that you are accepting of them and you are demonstrating loving kindness, their hardness melts away. Think about it, can you really be upset with a gentle person who is loving and accepting of you? It would be very difficult wouldn’t it.
So today I would like to try again. To let go of the self and leave my ego at the door.
How wonderful if I am able to observe this level of mindfulness for one whole day.
It could easily become habit forming, couldn’t it!

May you be well, happy and peaceful.