Buddhist magic

Bending a spoon, turning a solid rock into a soft pillow, even turning nighttime into day.
These are just a few of the magical powers that one has as a practicing Buddhist.
So how does one gain the skills to perform these feats of magic?

First of all, one needs to realize this is not magic at all, but more accurately scientific. It is our minds ability or inability to see or view all things that shape our perception of reality. The spoon does not mend, but our mind can bend. Therefore the spoon bends. Nighttime and daytime are merely concepts that we associate with the rising and setting of the Sun. True illumination stems from our ability to bring light to any moment of the day.
With nowhere to sleep in the forest, a rock could easily become a comforting pillow for our heads to rest upon.

You can see that any situation is transformed by our view, our mind, our perception of reality. We hold this power of magic in each circumstance that confronts us.
A person with whom you have had great difficulties with, can instantly become a dear and beloved friend. The magic lies within Right View, Right Intention, mindfulness, compassion, loving kindness, acceptance and letting go of the self.
What happens then is not a distortion of reality, but the exposure of reality. The true nature of your heart and mind unveil an unconditional loving connection and expose the clarity of equanimity (upekkha).

So if you wish to gain the powerful magic available to the Buddhist practitioner, you only need to be present and awake. With an open and compassionate heart, we each hold the power to turn night into day.
And the more you practice, the more you open your heart and mind, the more powerful your impact on the World becomes.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.