Bad things happen for good reasons

I think that all of us know what it feels like to be going through a bad time in our life.
Things like illness, divorce, financial problems, death of a loved one, loneliness etc.. These are times that I believe we can all relate to.
But this morning I realized that these things all happen for good reason.
Reflecting on my own past, I can share with you a few examples in my own life that demonstrate this clearly.
Going back to my early youth, the divorce of my Mom and Dad was absolutely devastating to me as young boy of eleven.
But my Father was an alcoholic, and having him removed from my life actually helped me. It also created a stronger bond with my Mother and Sister. We became an extremely close and loving Family. We were like the three amigos, always helping one another and protecting each other always.
This traumatic event was actually a blessing, but one that I could not see at the time.
Then as a rebellious teenager, I dropped out of High School to join the Navy. I knew I needed someone to kick me in the pants and put me on the straight and narrow. The Navy did not work out, and I was honorably discharged after only two years. I have often looked back and felt that it was a shame, because I would have made a good career Navy man.
But had I not gotten out when I did, I would not have met my first Wife. And had I not met her, my Daughters would never have been born! Had they not been born, my two beautiful Grandsons would not exist today!
You see, the bad thing of quitting High School, leaving the Navy, all led to the greatest blessings.
Later in my life came the divorce from the girls Mother. This too felt as bad as most anything I had ever been through in my life. Yet were it not for this, I would never have met the beautiful woman that I am blessed to share my life with today.
Twelve years ago, the unthinkable happened. My Mom died. She was my rock, my Angel, the one who loved me unconditionally, and accepted me always. She only saw the very best in me, and always believed in me.
What could possibly be the good reason for this to happen?
Well, because it was time. It was Moms time to move on, and let me stand on my own. She gave everything and taught me so much, but it was my time to be the adult. This too I believe was time for my older Sister to begin the next chapter in her life. She got married two years ago, and if Mom were still alive I think she would still be single and taking care of Mom.

So you see, I truly think that every apparent “bad thing” that happens to any of us- happens for a good reason.
We only lack the wisdom and acceptance to see this at the time.
And as much as I think it’s wonderful that I am able to see this now, the Buddha showed us the way to see this as it happens.
Can you imagine, being happy that you are getting divorced or filing bankruptcy? How about smiling that you have been diagnosed with Cancer?
Seems unimaginable doesn’t it! Seeing every event as a gift, an opportunity.
But this is truly available to each and every one of us. The bliss of true acceptance embraced with loving kindness.
With practice, we can see and accept the nature of all things. We can breathe in suffering, and breathe out compassion and love. Our own nature can become pure and connected.
This is my prayer for you, and for me.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.