Author: David

Wasted days and wasted nights

Dharma is a Sanskrit word, and the derived Prakrit word is Dhamma. Etymologically, the word Dhamma is derived from the root “dham,” meaning “to uphold” and “to support,” and the commentary further explains that it is that which upholds or…

Being humble


Often I find myself shocked to see how critical I am of someone else who has a big ego and appears very self-serving.

Loving less

loving less

While it may seem counter to everything we know and think about love, I believe that we all need to learn to love less. Loving less is to eliminate the fog that conceals the deepest heart of the word. Not…

I believe

I believe

I believe in living as gently as possible To do no harm to any living being To be kind to this planet To treat others with all the kindness and compassion that I have in my heart To see clearly…

Stop chasing rainbows


As I sit here on a beautiful Sunday morning, I think about the friends and family members who are heading off to church, temple and retreats. And it occurred to me that so many people, myself included, typically go somewhere…