A friendly reminder

As I sit here decompressing a bit from all the excitement and joy of Christmas, I wrestle with some real sadness.
You see I have a Brother who is far away, and is very sick. It is not a terminal illness, but it is very serious and I know he is suffering a lot. I am reminded that this is not my suffering, yet I also see that my attachment to my Brother is making me deeply concerned and worried. This is not mindful of me at all. And this is certainly not what my Brother wants for me. I am aware that no amount of suffering will make him any better. So, why do I do it?
That’s the question I wrestle with today. And, I am doing my best to see it clearly and peacefully.
Love for anyone does not mean suffering for them or with them. This is where compassion should be, and not despair.
Funny thing is, my Brother is far wiser than I am. If the situation were reversed, I know he would not be suffering. Not because he does not love me or care about me. I know that he does very much. But he is wiser, and he knows that his suffering will not make me any better. His loving kindness and compassion are the purest gifts he can give me. Even better, is the example he gives me by his mindfulness.

So if any of you reading this are suffering for any reason right now, don’t be blue. Be mindful. Your suffering is not helping anyone you love. My guess is, it’s really the last thing they want you to do! They love you too, and they do not want you to be sad or suffer.

I am thankful for my Brother, and I send him my love every minute. I believe love is the most powerful thing in the World. I know this love can heal me, I know it can help my Brother, and I know it can benefit all living beings.
I need only be more mindful, accepting of the way things are, and act accordingly.

I hope these words may be of some benefit to you, and that you may be well happy and peaceful.

Budu Saranai