Have I got a story for you…

Shut up, and get over it!
That’s it, that’s my whole story.
You see, the Disturbing Emotions workshop kind of summed up suffering in this way. “Drop your story, and you’ll never suffer again” is what the Venerable Madika actually said.
And boy, have I found this to be true. The thing is, I am extremely used to having a story. Every time an emotion arises in me, I now immediately see that I have a story to go with it.
So I tell myself “Shut up, and get over it!”. And although this may seem harsh, this is what I need to wake up to this fact. That my story is in fact the suffering.
I would love to use these words for friends and Family too, but I need to be mindful. Everyone else may not yet have this same awareness, and these words could simply be hurtful. But sometimes, this may also be the kindest thing you can say to someone. Don’t we all need a wake-up call once in awhile?

I think that this cold gray weather along with the Holiday season can really bring on depression for some people. Shorter days mean less sunshine, and it seems to be dark so much of the time. Gloomy, dark, sad, lonely days. Memories of Family members that have passed, or relatives that live far away.
You know what’s coming next don’t you? Shut up and get over it!
Can you see clearly here that it is those very stories, and thoughts that are not only what you are attaching to, but they are in fact your suffering.
Drop the story, and the suffering is gone. Beautiful!

So I ask you to be aware and mindful of this. Try to observe your emotions as they arise, just like you watch the water rise in a bathtub as you fill it. With practice, you will become more and more aware of these emotions arising, and without attaching a story to it, you will see them fall away.

I pray you each have wonderful Holidays, and are free from suffering or sickness.
May you all be well, happy and peaceful.